Efinor delivers personnel for fixed-price assignments in building, modification and maintenance of ships.
Since we started, the company has delivered services and personnel to some of the strongest participants in Norwegian shipbuilding.


Norwegian and foreign offshore activities are faced with great challenges in the coming years. Considerable amounts will be invested in new and existing installations.
Efinor today works with several of the leading offshore participants and can deliver personnel to a number of assignments in this sector.


Our personnel has competence and experience in land-based industry.
We can contribute services in building/installation and maintenance of single components such as cranes and winches, as well as participate as a partner in greater projects for industrial plants, power stations etc.


HSE work – health, security and environment – is always our most important concern when we accept an assignment.
Safe working conditions for our employees and environmentally sound working methods are our most important guideline.

Since 2009, Efinor Offshore Service has performed a number of fixed-price assignments in the shipping and offshore industry. We solve your challenges regardless of location. The strength of the company is long experience with deliveries to the oil and shipping industry and a higly skilled staff.


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